Glass wool

GW Ovens Needled Mat

Cooking Ovens Insulation
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ISOVER needled mat is designed to provide high insulating efficiency in household and industrial ovens.

Key Benefits

  • Sound absorption
  • High service temperatures
  • High flexibility
  • Low emissions

Technical Characteristics

Symbol Unit Quantities and declared values Standard
Specific thermal capacity Symbolc UnitkJ/(kg.K) Quantities and declared values1.00 Standard-
Reaction to fire Symbol- Unit- Quantities and declared valuesNon combustible, fire class A1 StandardEN 13501
Chemical behaviour Quantities and declared valuesBinder free, which helps complying with the most stringent regulations on VOC emissions Formaldehyde emissions < 10 mg/kg Free of sulfite, chromium and sulphur Complies with RoHS directive Standard-
Application field Quantities and declared valuesISOVER needled mat is a thermal insulation felt material made from glass wool, mechanically consolidated by means of needling  The glass wool needled mat does not contain slugs
Material Quantities and declared valuesGlass wool with quality mark EUCEB & RAL by the G├╝tegemeinschaft Mineralwolle e. V., unrisky regarding health according to German decree on dangerous substances, decree on prohibition of chemicals and to guideline EU 97/69 Nota Q
Facing Quantities and declared valuesFacing available upon request: Aluminium foil
Non corrosive Quantities and declared valuesNon corrosive according to standard IEC 60335-1 StandardIEC 60335-1
Delivery form Quantities and declared valuesThicknesses: 10 to 40 mm Available in roll or panel shape Panels can be cut to size and stamped with a customized design Packaging: - Closed polyethylene bag for rolls - Pallets and carton boxes for stamped slabs Products must be stored in covered areas Standard-


GW Ovens Needled Mat
GW Ovens Needled Mat