Glass wool

GW Automotive Plastified Part

Automotive Insulation
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Product designed for acoustical and thermal insulation of automotive driver compartment.

Key Benefits

  • Recycled glass
  • Sound absorption

Technical Characteristics

Symbol Unit Quantities and declared values Standard
Chemical behaviour Symbol- Unit- Quantities and declared valuesFree of sulfite, chromium and sulphur Standard-
Application field Quantities and declared valuesProduct designed for acoustical and thermal insulation of automotive driver compartment. Glass wool blanket encapsulated in a plastified cover. Glass wool blanket impregnated with a formo-phenolic and urea binder, moulded and cured by thermo-compression.
Material Quantities and declared valuesGlass wool with quality mark EUCEB & RAL by the Gütegemeinschaft Mineralwolle e. V., unrisky regarding health according to German decree on dangerous substances, decree on prohibition of chemicals and to guideline EU 97/69 Nota Q
Delivery form Quantities and declared valuesLength, width and thickness upon request

Thermal Conductivity

Characteristic Symbol Unit Quantities and declared values Standard
CharacteristicThermal behaviour SymbolT Unit[°C] Quantities and declared values10 Quantities and declared values_50 Quantities and declared values__- StandardEN 12667
CharacteristicThermal conductivities SymbolλN,P Unit[W/(m·K)] Quantities and declared values0.034 Quantities and declared values_0.040
Symbol- Quantities and declared valuesService temperature up to 70 °C, with stable dimensions StandardAGI Q 132


GW Automotive Plastified Part
GW Automotive Plastified Part