Effective comfort

Glass wool slab/roll with black glass tissue facing for internal insulation of metal ducts or HVAC equipment, specially indicated when acoustic insulation needs to be provided to the metal duct, in addition to thermal insulation. Can be used also inside ventilation machines or other equipment. 

CLIMLINER  Slabs/Rolls  are manufactured from inorganic and chemically biosoluble materials and do not include anything that would have effect on corrosion. 


CLIMLINER Slab/Roll V2 provides thermal and acoustic insulation to metal air ducts, being installed on the inside face of the metal duct. This solution is used when both thermal and acoustic insulation are required simultaneously, and the CLIMLINER Slab/Roll V2 will be complementary to the metal air duct; the insulation will be installed either on the total length of the ventilation system  or in some parts of the duct network, either in new buildings or renovation.

CLIMLINER Slab/Roll V2 are glass wool slabs/rolls faced with a non woven glass veil, that will build a barrier in contact with the airstream, providing high acoustic absorption.

Thermal behaviour

The glass wool provides thermal insulation and reduces energy losses:

Thermal conductivity (at 10ºC)


0,032-0,034 W/m·K


Reaction to Fire

Non-combustible: Euroclass A2-s1,d0


Acoustic insulation

The non woven glass veil, combined with the glasswool, provides optimum levels for noise reduction through the duct. High acoustic absorption by the glasswool allows noise reduction of the noise generated in the air fan; but also noise reduction due to the air movement inside the duct.
The alfa Sabine coefficient α of the CLIMLINER Slab V2  allows the calculation of the sound attenuation inside a duct: Sabine equation provides an approximation of the linear noise reduction inside the duct:

  • Reduction in dB/m = 1,05 α1.4 (P/S)

Being P the perimeter of the inside duct cross section 2 (a+b) and S the section of airflow inside the duct (a x b)
Sabine coefficients for CLIMLINER Slab V2 slabs are shown in below table:

Coefficient α sabine
125 Hz
250 Hz
500 Hz
1.000 Hz
2.000 Hz
4000 Hz
α w

CLIMLINER Slab V2 (25 mm)








Other information

CLIMLINER Slabs/Rolls V2 are supplied in boxes/ palletized without boxes.

Details are available on demand or on local websites.