A 60 Bulkhead Aluminium Restricted 6mm

Bulkhead Aluminium

Bulkhead Aluminium

Due to its unique microstructure (100% fiberized, no “shot”), ULTIMATE U SeaProtect solutions enable to save up on the weight of insulation compared to other insulation solutions, providing equivalent fire protection and at least same level of sound protection or thermal comfort. With our unique ULTIMATETM portfolio we can create Bulkhead solutions which adapt to your specific design in acoustic and thermal preferences


Complete solutions

Plate Stiffener Sound reduction Rw Value U-Value W/m2 - K Weight Kg/m2
U SeaProtect 66/ 2 x 30
one side
U SeaProtect 66/ 2 x 30 36(-2,-6) 0.641 6.73