Improved logistics


As well as offering high levels of fire protection and thermal performance, your HVAC pipe and duct insulation needs to be robust, light and flexible for easy transportation and storage. This is why, drawing on many years of sector experience, ISOVER has designed effective lightweight HVAC insulation materials for all your constructions.

Durable HVAC insulation

To protect your constructions and users more effectively, while also reducing costs during transportation and storage, all our glass wool HVAC insulation products are durable with a consistent density and thickness. With no soft edges and excellent compression resistance, these products aren’t easily damaged during storage, transportation or installation.

Innovative HVAC insulation

Based on a patented fiberizing process, our new-generation mineral wool, ULTIMATE™, has a unique structure that makes it:

  1. Lightweight: Up to 70% lighter than traditional solutions with same performance

  2. Compressiblevolume reduced by up to 60%

  3. Comfortable to install: reduced mounting time and costs


    Transport and storage


Compressible HVAC insulation

Ultimate™ and glass wool mats can be compressed into rolls without losing their mechanical properties. Using rolls rather than slabs will significantly reduce your storage and transport costs.


If you use rolls of Ultimate™ wired mat rolls of U Protect 4.0, 50mm instead of slabs:

  • 50% more m2 per pallet and in the truck

  • Transport cost per m2 using rolls is ~50% lower

  • 50% less space is occupied

  • 2 times fewer operations are required for loading and carrying the pallet

Lightweight HVAC insulation

Ultimate™ mineral wool and glass wool solutions reduce the weight of your HVAC insulation by up to 70% versus traditional stone wool while offering the same, or superior, safety and comfort levels. This further reduces your transportation costs and makes insulation installation easier.

More information about storing and transporting your HVAC insulation materials? 



Installing ULTIMATE™ U Protect products for your HVAC duct and pipe insulation

The unique structure of ULTIMATE mineral wool provides your ducts and pipes with superior fire stability and clear installation advantages, especially compared to traditional solutions with stone wool and other heavier products.

  1. Easy-to-install: simple mechanical fixing 

  2. Flexible insulation: flexible and easy to adapt to duct corners and different sizes

  3. Lightweight: up to 70% lighter and also much thinner for the same performance