Thermal insulation

Thermal HVAC insulation: the essentials

Working closely with key industry players for many years, we have developed a wide range of HVAC insulation products that provide efficient thermal insulation for all your pipes and ductwork, whether for a home, commercial building, office, school, hospital or airport. ISOVER HVAC insulation products help ensure the building and its systems are energy efficient, while also providing optimum sound, fire protection and safety.

Why is thermal HVAC insulation so important?

Effective thermal insulation ensures that the medium (air or liquid) stays at the right temperature, reducing energy loss throughout the system and preventing the risk of condensation. 
By making this initial investment, you can achieve significant operating and maintenance cost savings, while also guaranteeing an appropriate level of thermal and acoustical comfort.


How can you reduce the energy consumption of your building?

Structural thermal insulation. Reduce the building's thermal load and comply with regulations by combining effective building insulation with design considerations such as building orientation. You can lower the internal thermal load and risk of overheating by insulating your HVAC systems.

Ductwork and pipework insulation and air tightness

Make the design of your HVAC insulation system more efficient to maintain the right temperature and reduce thermal losses with high-quality thermal insulation solutions for your pipes and ducts. With ISOVER CLIMAVER ventilation system, increase the airtightness of your ductwork and reduce air leaks lower energy consumption. 

A wide choice of thermal HVAC insulation products

As a leading HVAC insulation supplier, we’ve developed a range of insulation materials that offer high levels of thermal performance for increased comfort for users and maximum energy savings for project owners. 


How does it work?

Thermal conductivity (λ) is directly related to energy efficiency. The lower a product’s thermal conductivity, the better its ability to prevent heat flow, meaning it is more efficient at preventing heat loss (or heat gain in refrigerated systems). With low-thermal connectivity values, our HVAC insulation products provide superior thermal efficiency across a wide temperature range compared to traditional stonewool solutions of the same thickness. 

thermal insulation

Our HVAC insulation products also combine an array of additional benefits for users, installers and project owners including :
  • Acoustic comfort :

    Excellent sound absorption to reduce sound reverberation and prevent propagation
  •  Fire safety :

    Non-combustible materials and up to 2 hours of fire protection with our innovative mineral wool ULTIMATE™
  • Lower environmental impact :

    Effective thermal insulation reduces your energy consumption and emissions. Our mineral wool insulation products are also bio-soluble and made from recycled raw materials.
  • Optimised logistics :

    Materials that are lighter, more compressible and more comfortable, significantly reducing transportation and installation time and costs, as well as increasing safety for installers.
A wide choice of thermal HVAC insulation materials
Our HVAC insulation products have been designed to meet different needs – find the product that best matches your requirements: 

  •  CLIMAVER® : self-supporting ventilation ducts
    Make your ducts airtight with high-density glass wool boards with excellent thermal and acoustical insulation performance. All-in-one ventilation duct solution for all types of buildings.

  •  CLIMLINER : internal insulation for metal ducts
    Get enhanced acoustic protection and thermal insulation for your air ducts with high performance glass wool slabs and rolls

  •  CLIMCOVER : external insulation for metal ducts or equipment
    Achieve excellent thermal insulation and prevent condensation in metal ducts with aluminum-faced glass wool rolls, slabs, crimped mats and lamella mats.

  •  CLIMPIPE : pipe insulation
    Insulate your pipes with ISOVER pipe sections solutions available in glass-wool or ULTIMATE™ mineral wool.
  •  U Protect : fire-resistant ducts and pipes
    Obtain high levels of fire resistance, as well as acoustic and thermal insulation, in your HVAC applications with ULTIMATE™ mineral wool.
More information about our HVAC thermal insulation?

ULTIMATE™ HVAC thermal insulation

ULTIMATE™ is new-generation mineral wool that takes HVAC thermal insulation to new levels. Based on a breakthrough fiberizing technique, ULTIMATE™ mineral wool has a unique structure that combines the excellent thermal performance and easy handling and logistical benefits of glass wool with outstanding fire resistance.