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Storing and transporting your industrial insulation: what you need to know ?

As well as ensuring high fire and thermal performance, your industrial insulation needs to be compressible, light and flexible to simplify transportation and storage. Working closely with industrial process designers, operators and contractors, ISOVER has developed a wide range of lightweight industrial insulation materials for applications ranging from pipework to storage tanks.

Flexible industrial insulation

To make insulating complicated, uneven surfaces fast and simple, ISOVER industrial products are highly flexible. Our glass-wool crimped mats and lamella mats combine high elasticity and flexibility with high mechanical strength; while our innovative U Tech rolls and U Tech wired mats are extremely light and flexible operating at temperatures up to 700°C

Innovative industrial insulation

Produced using a patented fiberizing process, ULTIMATE® mineral wool has a unique shot-free structure that is:

  1. Lightweight: 40% lighter than light weight stone wool

  2. Compressible: up to 60% less volume

  3. Comfortable to install: reduced mounting time and costs


    transport and storage

    Compressible industrial insulation

ISOVER glass wool and ULTIMATE® industrial products can be compressed into rolls without losing their mechanical properties. The advantages in terms of transport and storage space, and therefore cost, are significant.

For example, compared to traditional stone wool products, U Tech Wired Mats contain:

  • up to 50% more material per roll

  • up to 80% more material per pallet

These rolls require less on-site storage space and reduce the number of delivery miles/km and transport-related carbon dioxide emissions.

Did you know…?

ISOVER industrial insulation materials are also designed for fast, easy installation. With our preformed 1.2m-pipe sections, contractors spend up to 20% less time installing their pipe insulation.

Lightweight industrial insulation

ULTIMATE™ mineral wool products can make your industrial insulation by up to 50% lighter with the same level of safety and comfort as traditional stone wool. This further reduces your transportation costs and makes installation easier and less risky.

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What exactly is ULTIMATE™ mineral wool?
ULTIMATE™ mineral wool has excellent thermal, acoustic and fire-resistance properties thanks to a unique internal micro-structure. The long, light, elastic fibres can be compressed and, once installed, retain their insulation properties and thickness over time, even when exposed to vibrations and thermal shocks. 

ULTIMATE™ mineral wool has been used in industrial insulation for more than 10 years and proven in numerous reference projects across power generation, oil & gas and process industry applications.