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Installing your industrial insulation: everything you need to know

Adapted to a wide range of applications, from storage tanks to pipework and boilers, ISOVER industrial insulation materials are designed to make installation easier, more cost-effective and less risky.

Simplifying your industrial insulation installation means ensuring the finished product is consistent and provides the right level of comfort, as well as reducing installation time to your lower costs. As a leading industrial insulation group, ISOVER works closely with industrial process designers, operators and contractors to develop light, flexible materials for different geometries and configurations.


easy and fast installation in Industry

Did you know…?

To speed up and simplify the installation process, we provide full installation and technical guides for our industrial insulation solutions.

Optimising your industrial insulation installation

Committed to R&D to build ever more efficient solutions, ISOVER has developed an array of innovative industrial insulation >solutions specially designed for faster, easier and more comfortable installation:

Lightweight, flexible protection (U TECH)

Based on our new-generation mineral wool, ULTIMATE™ U Tech products are not only energy-efficient and fire-resistant, they also provide clear installation advantages, especially compared to traditional stone-wool solutions:

  • Easy-to-install: simple mechanical fixing with no need to use glue

  • Flexible insulation: flexible and easy to adapt to different geometries

  • Lightweight: high fire stability and thermal performance using a thinner, lighter product


Did you know…?

Using lighter, longer rolls of U TECH industrial insulation, installers can complete the job up to 28% faster, reducing plant downtime and delivering significant savings.

Flexible industrial insulation with no support structures

To further reduce installation time, we’ve also developed two flexible pipe insulation alternatives whose high compressive strength means they don’t require support structures:

  • Compression-resistant Lamella Mats in glass wool and stone wool for any pipe diameter

  • ULTIMATE™ Pipe Section Mats (PSM), high-performance V-grooved slabs adapted to the pipe diameter and delivered flat-packed to optimise transport costs and space

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Why choose ULTIMATE™ for your industrial insulation?

Available in different formats, including wired mats, pipe section mats and flexible slabs, U TECH solutions ensure your installations are more fire-resistant, while also benefiting from superior thermal protection and easy insulation installation:
  • Fire protection: BS 476: Part 24 for ventilation ductwork
  • Fire protection and thermal insulation: fulfils EN 1366-1 and 8
  • Non-combustible: Euroclass A1 fire rating; Class 0 Compliance
  • Up to 40% lighter: compared to light weight stone wool systems
  • Compressible: save up to 60% space for lower transport & storage costs
  • Easy to install: light and adaptable for faster installation