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Our new solution U PROTECT® VENT SECTIONS is available!
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ISOVER launches a new insulation solution for circular ducts!

Insulate your ducts and make them fire resistant with U PROTECT® VENT SECTIONS

Ductwork has a major impact on the efficiency and comfort level of buildings.

In many situations, it must be fire resistant to guarantee fire compartmentation of the building and therefore plays a key role in the passive fire protection of buildings . It is therefore important to choose the right insulation material offering both the desired thermal performance and the required fire protection.

Save money and energy with U PROTECT® VENT SECTIONS – Your easy-to-install all-inclusive insulation solution for circular ductwork ≤ Ø 250mm!

Made of ULTIMATE™, our new generation of light stone wool,  it offers excellent fire protection properties and is up to 50% lighter when compared to traditional stone wool insulation solutions. With a melting point > 1,000°C, U PROTECT® VENT SECTIONS are classified euroclass A2L-s1, d0, and can be used for fire resistant ductwork up to 60 minutes.

U PROTECT® VENT SECTIONS: much more than fire resistance

Whether you are a contractor, a specifier or a building owner, our U PROTECT® VENT SECTIONS add value at every step of your project. All performances are included with U PROTECT® VENT SECTIONS:


  • Fire resistance up to 60 minutes
  • Excellent thermal insulation
  • Good condensation protection
  • Improved acoustic comfort
  • Fast installation

Insulating your ductwork with U PROTECT® VENT SECTIONS, is a good opportunity to make your HVAC system more efficient, while reducing your energy bills at the same time.


Did you know... ?

Without proper insulation of the ductwork, much of the energy used to heat or cool the building would be lost.