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Ultimate rolls insulation
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ISOVER launches its ULTIMATE™ industrial range into the UK market

ISOVER’s new TECH Industrial insulation solutions (launched in the UK on October 29th) are proven to provide more efficient insulation for tanks, boilers, and high temperature process equipment in power stations and other industrial facilities, when compared to current conventional mineral wool insulation.




The high-performance products in the range include slabs, wired mats and pipe sections. The majority of ISOVER’s new 239-product range utilises ULTIMATE™ technology —combining the advantages of glass and stone wool in a single solution. The advanced mineral wool brings together the benefits of conventional thermal and acoustic insulation, making it the ideal material for application in environments with high temperatures and loud ambient noise, such as in power stations.

The range’s U TECH Wired Mats are manufactured to be up to 50 per cent lighter than conventional industrial stone wool mattresses, while still offering up to 20 per cent better thermal insulation performance and increased compressive strength.

ULTIMATE™ Pipe Section Mats in ISOVER’s TECH range are up to a fifth longer than existing alternatives, 55 per cent lighter, and are 7.5 per cent more thermally efficient than conventional materials.

The high-performance ULTIMATE™ Slabs are more effective and sustainable alternatives to conventional products, giving plants up to 14 per cent better thermal conductivity and still being up to 40 per cent lighter.

Speaking about the new products, Graeme Greenwood, Product Manager at ISOVER said: “ISOVER’s new industrial range is innovative, easy to install, and ultra-efficient. Our high-performing products are setting a new standard in the UK market, specifically designed to ensure a facility maximises its thermal performance and minimises noise disruption while potentially taking up less room. ULTIMATE™ is ideal for applications where the energy efficiency of the insulation design needs to be increased in areas faced with insulation space and weight restrictions.”

“After conducting in-depth market research and recognising the concerns of key industry professionals, we identified that sustainability and efficiency are becoming increasingly more important in the energy and renewables sector. ISOVER’s new range brings an industrial insulation solution which optimises both for our customers.”

More information about ISOVER’s new industrial range can be found on its website: www.isover.co.uk