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CLIMAVER® - New Installation Guide

ISOVER launches a new version of the CLIMAVER® Installation Guide.

Installing CLIMAVER® with our interactive guide

You liked the previous version? You are going to love this new version! More modern, new images and deeper explanation of figures and connections, our new installation guide dedicated to CLIMAVER® is available now. A smoother experience thanks to an interactive navigation system directly on our interactive pdf. Go directly to the parts that interest you.

The Straight Duct Method (SDM): Step by step

ISOVER developed and patented the straight duct method, which involves producing the different successive shapes in a CLIMAVER® duct network from a straight duct. The straight duct is the starting point in any installation for forming the different shapes planned throughout the installation.

Follow our guide to help you install your duct, step by step, with detailed explanations accompanied by images and QR Codes to access to explanatory videos. We'll be with you at every step of the installation!


SDM: how to install CLIMAVER® step by step


Save installation time and cost with CLIMAVER®

CLIMAVER® is a single product that replaces the two traditional trades of metal ductwork and their insulation. Assembled in a single operation, it offers numerous installation benefits:


  • Improved site productivity: CLIMAVER® is up to 5 times faster to install than metal ducts + insulation. One worker can install 20 to 25 m² of CLIMAVER® per day.
  • Greater flexibility: Installed on site, CLIMAVER® can easily be adapted to last-minute changes in ductwork or alternative routing.
  • Comfortable to install: Up to 50% weight reduction compared to metal ducts + insulation, and its ergonomic product dimensions make it easy to carry and lift. Installation also requires fewer duct supports.
  • Optimised logistics: Saves space during transport and storage, as CLIMAVER® is delivered flat on a pallet or box, and no special power tools or machines are needed for installation.
  • Limited waste generation
  • Reduced noise disturbance on building sites.

CLIMAVER® Installation Guide: all you need to know about CLIMAVER®

Everything you need to get the most out of CLIMAVER® is in this installation guide. In addition to the straight duct method, you will find everything you need to know about CLIMAVER®:


  • CLIMAVER® system
  • Auxiliary operation
  • Cleaning CLIMAVER® ducts
  • Technical Data sheets
  • And many others features

So, are you ready to join the CLIMAVER® community?