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CLIMAVER® duct system, now CE-marked

Our CLIMAVER® range has obtained CE marking as a system of ventilation and air conditioning ducts, guaranteeing the tested performances, including fittings.





The CE marking indicates that a product has been assessed by the manufacturer and found to comply with EU requirements for safety, health and environmental protection.

The CLIMAVER® duct system offers a wide range of solutions to adapt to each project and need. The CLIMAVER® duct system provides an airtight and energy efficient way to provide good indoor air quality to building occupants in a very safe manner. The CLIMAVER® duct system is a lightweight but durable and environmentally friendly solution for all types of buildings. It has a unique patented surface to guarantee airtightness and to facilitate installation with the straight duct method (SDM).


A European Technical Assessment (ETA) is a document in which the performances of a construction product are assessed in relation to its essential characteristics. This assessment is carried out by a technical assessment body designated for this purpose by the authorities and whose technical competence and independence have been proven.
In this document, the technical description of the product / system, the specific specifications for its intended use and its characteristics, as well as an informative annex on its installation are provided.
The CLIMAVER® system has obtained ETA (European Technical Assessment) certification prepared by the ITeC (Institute of Construction Technology). The European Technical Assessment (ETA) provides a route to CE marking when there is no harmonized European standard. This is particularly important for:


  • Innovative construction products
  • Construction products for which the development of a harmonized standard is not an option

Consequently, with this certification, CLIMAVER® strengthens its position as the most complete self-supporting duct solution for air conditioning and ventilation.