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CINI revises its insulation manual and integrates ULTIMATE™

Ultimate is now recognized by CINI

CINI, the Committee for Industrial Insulation Standards, is a Dutch organization recognized internationally for its standards in the field of the petrochemical industry, process industry , power plants...




The Committee recently revised its specifications in order to prepare the 2014 CINI Manual. Before making such change, the CINI conducted customer surveys, analyzed the various product range’s technical proofs,  new standards and regulations such as CE marking, certificates and references projects. New thermal performance classes were added in the CINI manual material datasheets together with the reference to EN standards. Therefore, ISOVER’s industry insulation product range - including ULTIMATETM high temperature range -  is now fully complying with the new CINI requirements.
The inclusion of ULTIMATETM range came together with a change in the specifications which was related to the density of the mineral wool, which is no longer considered by the CINI as a minimum requirement. Indeed, one of ULTIMATE’s advantage is its low density and weight compared to rock wool, by offering the same and better thermal performances.  
The new CINI insulation specification, to be added to numerous industry certificates is another proof of ULTIMATE’s strength as it lists it as a reference for Industrial Insulation.