Marine insulation: why choose ULTIMATE™ U SEAPROTECT?

Published 10 January 2019
Discover ULTIMATE™ U SEAPROTECT marine insulation materials - lightweight, compressible and simple to install for superior fire, thermal and acoustic protection.
Launched for Marine & Offshore in 2006, the ULTIMATE™ U SEAPROTECT RANGE provides proven marine insulation and fire protection not only for decks and bulkheads but also for ceilings, fire doors, air conditioning, pipes, floating floors and cabins. Suitable for a wide range of applications from cruise ships to offshore and OEM marine constructions, U SEAPROTECT solutions have already been used for strategic projects including Viking Line ferries and EKOFISK offshore platforms.

Ultimate Usea Protect range

Marine insulation: technological innovation

Using a unique patented technology based on more than 20 years of R&D, we developed a new-generation ULTIMATE™ mineral wool that combines all advantages of glass wool and stone wool for efficient marine thermal insulation and fire protection, as well as marine acoustic insulation.

  • Unique lightness: lower your energy consumption with a product that is 40% lighter compared to light weight stone wool. 50% lighter than traditional stone or mineral wool
  • Excellent marine thermal insulation: benefit from a top-level thermal insulator with a permanent maximum performance
  • Maximum compressibility: save up to 60% space to optimize your logistics and carbon footprint
  • Comfortable installation: save time using a Wrap or Quick-Cover insulation around the stiffeners
  • Maximum flexibility: mould to fit any installation using our Wrap or Quick-Cover solutions.
  • Fire protection: for A15-A60 Bulkhead and Deck all MED certifications according to FTP code 2010 are available on our website.

Marine insulation: for every application

Whether you are looking for boat insulation, OEM insulation or offshore applications, you can choose from a wide range of marine insulation materials. In addition to ULTIMATE™ mineral wool rolls, discover:


Choice of facings including aluminium, white glass fabric and black glass tissue, which can be ordered on the products or delivered in loose rolls to be applied on board.


SeaProtect Tape G120 and Marine Tape Alu are Marine IMO Low Flame Spread certified with excellent bonding properties.

Sound protection membrane

dB-Flex Alu sound protection membrane, made of visco-elastic polymer with reinforced Alu facing, reduces sound levels by up to 53-54 dB.