ISOVER Insulation Solutions for Fire Barriers and Fire Protection

Published 06 December 2016
Some dedicated and critical equipment must be kept safe from fire. ISOVER offers a range of insulation products certified according to the most demanding fire and smoke standards recognized by industrial train manufacturers.
Typical fire barriers applications
  • Specific underfloor systems
  • Fire partition of particular train vehicules (eg. locomotives)
  • Specific equipment (eg.power packs)
information 70*70
Proven Experience of ISOVER in Fire Barriers
Expertise in dimensioning solutions according to customer needs; experience in fire barriers for marine, trains and building systems
ULTIMATE lightness
Lighter Weight Solutions thanks to ULTIMATE
Similar fire acoustic and thermal performance with 30% to 50% less weight when compared to stonewool
Acoustic insulation
Unequalled Acoustic and Thermal Performance
Superior sound reduction, noise absorption and thermal resistance with minimized weight and/or thickness
ULTIMATE easy installation
Efficient Installation
Product flexible and easy to cut
Prefabricated solutions available
ULTIMATE active protection CO2 low emission
Low bio-persistence
RAL & EUCEB Certification
Fire barriers and under floors
Range Facing

Thermal Conductivity
at 10°C

Standard Dimension Standard Thickness range
mW/(m·K) mm mm kg/m3 Certification
TECH SLAB Unfaced 39 to 41
(at 50°C mean temp.)
1200 x 600 (slabs) From 20 to 100 depending on density From 40 to 140 depending on thickness HL3
ULTIMATE Solutions Unfaced 35 to 37
(at 50°C mean temp.)
1200 x 600 (slabs)
1200 width (rolls)
From 30 to 100 From 20 to 100 Please contact us