Boilers insulation

Isover U Tech Range

Boilers, kettles and industrial ovens place very high demands on insulation systems. Because they operate at very high temperatures, the main purpose of the insulation system is to protect personnel from skin burns, which can occur at temperatures above 60°C. A well designed insulation system will, however, also considerably reduce energy usage and CO2 emissions, helping to increase of the overall efficiency of the insulated item or system.

Industrial boilers and ovens - ISOVER solutions to keep hot installations efficient & cool

With the ULTIMATE U Tech range, ISOVER has designed a complete new range of products for high performance insulation of plant operating at high temperatures, particularly at the sort of temperatures normally associated with industrial boilers and ovens. U Tech is your key to a whole new level of performance. Combining outstanding energy efficiency, light weight, flexibility and the highest level of process security in one product, it guarantees efficient and economic operation, coupled with sustainability, throughout the lifetime of the plant.

And if you need high temperature insulation that will withstand higher mechanical loads, then ISOVER also has a full standard stone wool wired mats and slabs.

Whatever your high temperature insulation requirement, ISOVER has an answer.

Boiler walls

Boiler walls are exposed to very high temperatures - usually around 500 - 600°C - and are therefore affected by material expansion and contraction. A light and flexible insulation system that can withstand these temperatures but is also able to allow these movements has a clear advantage.

ISOVER ULTIMATE U Tech, a product specially designed to provide high insulation performance at high temperatures, is therefore the perfect choice.
Up to 50% lighter, best in class for thermal conductivity and flexible, compressible and with a-slug free material structure, U Tech starts to pay off during transport to the site, continues during installation, and really comes into its own once installed - providing high performance, sustainable insulation throughout the lifetime of the boiler. It can be used to provide space-saving thin constructions requiring 25% less insulation space. Instead of increasing insulation thicknesses and layers while doing insulation retrofits, U Tech can provide energy savings at lower thicknesses - or can even be used to increase the thermal efficiency of a boiler by putting more insulation in the same space.

 U Tech products for boiler walls include wired mats and slabs in different thicknesses and performance levels to match performance requirements. For standard insulation of boilers walls, ISOVER also provides a full range of stonewool wired mats and slabs in various performance qualities, that also provide higher mechanical performance.

ISOVER boiler wall insulation should preferably be applied in multiple layers with staggered joints to reduce heat loss through thermal bridges. The use of wired mats is recommended for the inner layer, although outer layers can be either wired mats or slabs. Each layer must be secured in place before the next one is applied. Fixing is generally via welded pins and washers, although the chosen fixing system must allow for heat expansion and must take account of local or special industry standards.

Boiler tops - ISOVER insulation for heavy loads

ISOVER insulation for industry boiler tops
Depending on whether the boiler top or roof needs to be accessible, for maintenance purposes for instance, insulation design may have to take into account not only thermal performance and personal safety, but also the loads to be carried by the construction.

Different designs can be used to meet these requirements. ISOVER high-density stonewool boards with a compressive strength up to 60 kPa are recommended for a board solution. Alternatively, ISOVER Wired Mats can be used in combination with a suitable reinforced metal support structure with corrugated metal plates and a steel plate top cover. Whichever insulation solution is adopted, however, it must take full account of local or special industrial specifications and standards.



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