CLIMLINER internal insulation for metal ducts and ventilation equipment

Acoustical and thermal comfort

As well as thermal insulation, metal ductworks, ventilation machines or equipment often require acoustic insulation to prevent noise transmission and improve comfort. Special insulation slabs or rolls, usually glass wool, are fixed to the internal walls for effective noise control.

ISOVER glass wool internal insulation for metal ductwork
ISOVER products are available in rolls or slabs for application to the internal surfaces of metal air-conditioning and ventilation ductwork or silecers and other HVAC equipment. The surface that will form the inner side of the duct (in contact with the airstream) has a robust facing of either glass tissue or glass fabric, depending on the properties required for the duct. Glass fabric is used to reach  maximum acoustic absorption and easy to clean. Depending on installation requirements, the insulation is fixed using either mechanical fixings or special adhesive.

Internal duct insulation products are designed primarily to provide acoustic insulation to the ventilation system, but they also contribute to improve the thermal performance due to the excellent thermal properties of ISOVER glass wool. The products are non-combustible and do not emit any smoke. All our materials are  biosoluble and safe to use.

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