CLIMCOVER external insulation for ducts and equipments

Choosing your external HVAC ductwork insulation

HVAC ductwork and systems require external thermal insulation to keep air temperature and systems running as designed. Investing in a fully adapted external insulation solution also has numerous benefits for project owners (reduced energy consumption) installers (lightweight and easy to handle) and occupants (improved comfort).

ISOVER external glass wool insulation for metal ductwork


Reduce the amount of heat (or cold) energy  needed to maintain the air temperature as designed, while also preventing the formation of condensation. 
Significantly reduce the amount of noise transmitted through the ductwork and pipework in the HVAC system.
To protect building users and occupants with our non-combustible insulation materials, with no contribution of toxic smoke or flaming droplets. For ventilation fire protection discover our Fire-Resistant Ducts.

A choice of external duct and pipework insulation products

Designed to insulate ductwork and HVAC equipment, our CLIMCOVER products are available as boards, blankets, lamellas and wired mats depending on your requirements. They are applied to the wrapped around ductwork and mechanically fixed in position with wire, bands, stapler, self-adhesive or tape.
  • Lightweight and easy to work with in any conditions
  • Faced on one side with a reinforced pure aluminium foil that acts as vapour barrier
  • Reinforced mesh increases resistance to tearing and punching 
  • Flexible and easy to bend over different shapes and parts of the HVAC system
  • Can be used as shiplap for easy assembly and connection 
  • Easy to cut with standard tools 

Did you know…? 

Most of these products are made from glasswool with reinforced aluminium foil facing that acts as a vapour barrier. Flexible duct wraps are particularly adapted to external insulation as they can be easily wrapped around outer surface of the duct.

The right external HVAC insulation for your project

Discover a wide range of different external insulation materials adapted to different project requirement such as duct or pipe diameter, application and mechanical strength.
  • CLIMCOVER Roll Alu :
    Glass wool roll with aluminium facing for external insulation of metal ducts or HVAC equipment to avoid thermal losses and prevent condensation. 
    Glass wool roll with improved mechanical properties, designed to provide thermal and acoustic insulation for ductwork, tanks and large diameter pipes.
  • CLIMCOVER Tube Alu1 :
    A glass wool tube for external insulation of air-conditioning ducts in detached houses, as well as the thermal insulation of sewage pipes and radon gas ventilation pipes.

More information about our pipe and duct insulation? 

Reference projects - Discover concrete worldwide scope references.

Find the perfect reference project to inspire your HVAC project and see how our products can meet your needs. With a reputation for quality products and total commitment to customer satisfaction, HVAC installations are designed to provide thermal and acoustic comfort to buildings’ occupants. This should be done ensuring an efficient use of energy and complying fully with safety requirements.