CLIMAVER® self-supporting ducts

Self-supporting HVAC air ductwork: the essentials

CLIMAVER self-supporting ducts

Are you looking for effective HVAC air ducts  that keeps the temperature as intended, while also minimising noise? Would you like to be able to assemble your HVAC ductwork insulation in one easy operation? Interested in finding an air duct solution that is light weight and durable?


Choosing CLIMAVER® self-supporting ducts

Ideal for your ventilation and air-conditioning ductwork, CLIMAVER® air ducts are made from glass wool for a lightweight, efficient and easy to assembly pre-insulated duct system.


  • Easy installation

CLIMAVER® self-supporting ducts are easy to assemble in a single operation. The SDM guidelines are marked on facing to ease the duct manufacturing on- or off-site using the Straight Duct Method (SDM).

CLIMAVER® saves energy by ensuring excellent thermal insulation. The air is kept fresh and at the correct temperature where you need it, which in turn guarantees high levels of comfort for building occupants. 

  • Airtight performance 

The surface on the external side of the duct has a reinforced aluminium foil facing, which acts as a vapour barrier and ensures the duct is airtight. CLIMAVER® products obtain the best air-tightness class (D) which gives you huge savings during building lifespan.

Special NETO glass fabric is used on the inner side of the duct to achieve maximum acoustic absorption and keep noise levels to a minimum. 

  • Environmentally friendly

CLIMAVER® duct boards are manufactured from recycled glass and have been certified to meet green building requirements. The excellent thermal performance and airtightness further reduce the environmental impact of the HVAC system.

  • High pressure resistance and durabilty

CLIMAVER® ducts can withstand constant pressure up to 800Pa, with a safety factor of 2,5, without any cracking.  CLIMAVER® air ducts last easily over 30 years without losing performance covering  building life time.

  • Easy maintenance and durability

CLIMAVER® ducts are made from bio-soluble materials that are safe to use. The surfaces are easy to clean multiple times without special chemicals limiting maintenance costs.

A wide choice of CLIMAVER® pre-insulated ducts to meet your different requirement

We are constantly updating the CLIMAVER® range, which some of our customers have been using for more than 50 years. Simply choose the HVAC duct solution most adapted to your project.

Do you require high levels of fire safety?

Discover CLIMAVER® A2 APTA, NETO, PLUS and DECO with the Euroclass A2-s1,d0 fireclassification. It offers non-combustibility with no smoke or flaming droblets in case of fire.

Is your HVAC system visible?

Find out more about CLIMAVER® A2 Deco and our decorative fiberglass fabrics.


Did you know…?

Our CLIMAVER® range has obtained 
CE marking as a system of ventilation and air conditioning ducts, guaranteeing the tested performances, including fittings. 



More information about CLIMAVER® self-supporting ducts? A tailored solution for your HVAC ductwork insulation?


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