CLIMAVER® self-supporting ducts

Save space, money, time and energy

CLIMAVER self-supporting ducts

CLIMAVER® is ventilation duct made from glass wool resulting in lightweight and efficient duct system.

CLIMAVER® is environmentally friendly thanks to both very good thermal performance and excellent airtightness. It also offers high level of comfort to building occupants thanks to superior acoustic absorption performance. CLIMAVER® duct boards are manufactured from recycled glass and have been certified to meet Green building requirements.

CLIMAVER® ductboard is perfect solution for ventilation :

  • CLIMAVER® saves energy by providing excellent thermal insulation and ensures that you have your air fresh and in correct temperature where you need it.
  • The surface which forms the external side of the duct has a reinforced aluminium foil facing, which will act as a vapour barrier and ensures that the duct is airtight; better than the air-tightness class D (the best).
  • The surface that will form the inner side of the duct (in contact with the airstream) has a robust facing of either aluminium or durable glass fabric, depending on the properties required for the duct. Glass fabric is used to reach  maximum acoustic absorption. Both surfaced are safe to use and easy to clean.
  • CLIMAVER® ducts can withstand constant pressure up to 800Pa with safety factor of 2,5 without any cracking.
  • There are references with CLIMAVER® operating more than 50 years.
  • CLIMAVER® ducts are made out of  biosoluble material and safe to use.

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