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Insulation of a high speed train
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HVAC insulation for trains: Why choose TRAIN CLIMAVER®?

Working closely with project owners, installers and designers, ISOVER has developed a wide range of proven HVAC insulation products for trains based on advanced mineral wools that combine high thermal, acoustic and fire-resistance performance.

What exactly is TRAIN CLIMAVER®?

Train Climaver®

A proven HVAC solution that has been used by key transport industry players for more than 10 years including CAF, TALGO and MERAK, TRAIN CLIMAVER® is self-supporting HVAC insulation designed specifically for train interiors. It comprises high-density rigid mineral wool slabs with shiplaps, which are faced externally with a reinforced Kraft aluminium foil that acts as an effective vapour barrier. The inner duct lining is constructed from black glass fabric with high tensile strength and resistance to facilitate cleaning according to UNE 100012. 

What are the benefits of installing TRAIN CLIMAVER®?

Certified according EN 45545 and ASTMTRAIN CLIMAVER® train insulation combines excellent thermal, fire and acoustic properties in one lightweight solution that is easy to install and maintain.

For users

The slabs are EN 45545-2 compliant to R1-HL3, the highest possible certification, to ensure optimized fire protection. The internal facing made from Neto fabrics also provides improved acoustic comfort with excellent sound absorption (0.55) and sound insulation properties, as well as high levels of thermal insulation (Lambda 32).

For project owners 

This customisable solution fits any design and available space - during the construction phase each piece can be adapted if necessary. As well as lowering energy costs over the product life cycle and enhancing user comfort, the solution also ensures simple maintenance. Extremely resistant, ISOVER’s Neto black glass fabrics withstand the abrasive mechanical cleaning needed to keep the ducts in optimum condition. Conforming to UNE 100012, Neto fabrics also contribute to better air quality.

For installers

This lightweight HVAC solution is easy to install in one single operation using the Straight Duct Method (SDM). This makes cutting easier and less time-consuming.

For the environment

Designed with the environment as a priority, TRAIN CLIMAVER® is easy to recycle and made from 60%+ recycled glass. The independently verified Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) provides full details on the product’s life-cycle environmental impact.

Who is already using TRAIN CLIMAVER® in their HVAC systems?


  • Metro Santiago (Chile)

  • Regional trains Euskotren (Spain)

  • Istambul metro (Turkey)

  • Toluca (Mexico)

  • Civity (The Netherlands)

  • Bucharest (Romania)

  • Auckland (New Zealand)

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