HVAC fire protection: maximizing safety in buildings

Published 11 January 2019
Benefit from up to 2 hours of fire protection, as well as superior thermal and acoustic insulation with ULTIMATE U PROTECT.

HVAC fire insulation: maximizing safety in buildings

Smoke, heat and flames represent major fire risks to building users. How materials behave in a fire - from ignition to flashover and a fully developed fire - therefore needs to be optimised at the design stage with correct HVAC insulation materials.

Whether for schools, hospitals, shopping malls, offices or residentials buildings, ISOVER has developed a range of HVAC insulation solutions that provide efficient fire protection for your pipes and ductwork. Using ISOVER’s HVAC insulation materials will help ensure that your building is thermally protected with minimum noise disruption and maximum fire protection.

ULTIMATE™ HVAC fire insulation

ULTIMATE U PROTECT is a new-generation mineral wool insulation that takes HVAC fire protection to a new level. ISOVER’s ULTIMATE™ HVAC insulation uses breakthrough technology to combine the performance and handling benefits of glass wool with the outstanding fire resistance of stone wool.


ULTIMATE U PROTECT HVAC insulation materials are non-combustible, do not contribute to ignition of fire and do not emit any smoke and burning droplets. They can resist fire up to 2 hours securing your buildings’ fire safety in maximum level.


Designed for passive fire protection solutions in HVAC systems, ULTIMATE U PROTECT HVAC insulation materials cover different types of pipes, rectangular and circular ventilation and smoke extraction ducts for a complete solution offering excellent, lightweight thermal and acoustic properties, as well as low maintenance costs.

Up to 2 hours of fire protection

The ULTIMATE™ U PROTECT range provides all the advantages of conventional thermal and acoustic insulation with additional passive fire protection. Guaranteeing superior material stability and thermal resistance at high temperatures, the HVAC insulation materials comprise slabs, wired mats and pipe sections that ensure non-combustibility and up to 2 hours of fire protection for pipes and both rectangular and circular ductwork systems including penetrations throught supporting constructs.

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