Engine compartment

Engine compartment insulation

Choosing your engine compartment insulation

Every time vehicles are used, they produce noise and heat that can be harmful, unpleasant and even unlawful, undermining their long-term performance and sustainability. Opting for adapted, high-quality engine insulation materials for your engine compartment can significantly reduce many of these disadvantages:

Engine compartment insulation plays an important role in keeping heat and noise in the engine bay from reaching the interior of the vehicle.
Engine compartment heat insulation protects drivers, operators, and passengers from high temperatures, which may damage on-board electronics like GPS tracking systems
Engine compartment sound insulation dampens damaging sound-induced vibrations and protects from decibel levels that may be harmful to human hearing

Why choose ISOVER engine insulation?

Working closely with key players in the automotive industry for many years, ISOVER has developed high-quality glasswool products that optimise acoustic and thermal efficiency in cars, trucks, heavy, vehicles and buses.
  • Acoustic insulation
    ISOVER glasswool actively reduces noise especially for mid and high frequencies.
  • Lightweight performance
    Glasswool products achieve the same level of acoustic absorption as cotton for just half the weight.
  • Fire protection
    Our non-combustible products help you fulfil automotive fire safety standards like FMVSS302.
  • Easy to mould
    Ideal for moulding with different coatings to optimise the performance of the finished insulation part.
  • Mechanical strength & durability
    Moulded parts with ISOVER glasswool maintain excellent mechanical resistance and stability throughout the vehicle lifetime.
  • Temperature resistance
    Ideal for engine encapsulation to reduce noise emissions close to the source while maintaining an optimal engine temperature. 
  • Thermal insulation
    Guarantee a strong barrier against heat loss to maintain the right temperature, optimise engine performance and reduce CO² emissions
  • Environmental impact
    Our glasswool is bio soluble, 100% recyclable and made almost entirely of natural raw materials. Our automotive felts are made from 80% recycled material.
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Project references - Sharing car insulation expertise

For more than 30 years, we’ve been providing car heat and sound insulation for key sector players. These solutions are easy to mould to any space and use different facings to make them more versatile. Find the perfect references to inspire your project and see how our products can meet your needs. With a reputation for quality products and total commitment to customer satisfaction,we have developed strong partnerships of the leading players for cars, trucks and buses insulation.