Other benefits

Published 31 March 2015

In addition to the recognised benefits of reducing energy bills and climatically-damaging emissions, ISOVER insulation solutions help to provide a range of other benefits to make our living and working environments safer and more pleasent places to be.

Increasing comfort

By reducing heat loss from pipes and equipment, ISOVER solutions help to make it easier to control ambient temperatures in the surrounding environment - making living and working spaces more pleasant in winter and in summer.

Preserving our health

Noise pollution in our buildings and workspaces is a major problem, with an estimated 80 million people in the EU alone exposed to unwanted noise. This noise can induce health-threatening stress and in extreme cases even cause serious physical effects, such as high blood pressure and heart attacks. ISOVER solutions are effective in reducing unwanted noise from HVAC systems and industrial equipment - helping to reduce noise pollution and improve health outlooks.

Saving money

Domestic HVAC sytems and industrial processes are very expensive to operate. By optimising energy usage, ISOVER solutions reduce costs, making more money available for additional investment, or simply to make products more economic to produce.