A complete range of insulation solutions for the HVAC, Industry, Marine & OEM markets.

Our solution for the :

HVAC Ducts & ducting system

ISOVER provides solutions for HVAC ducts and pipes in glass wool, stone wool and ULTIMATE mineral wool, offering the best combination of thermal and acoustic comfort, energy efficiency and safety.


Whether for thermal efficiency, safety or sustainability in industrial insulation: Isover has developed a complete range, from cryogenic temperatures to 700°C, for power generation, oil and gas, chemical and other processing industry.

Whether for surface or underwater vessels, Naval or commercial, offshore oil and gas installations or onshore terminals

Whether for vessels, ships, offshore installations or onshore terminals, ISOVER has a Technical Insulation solution to meet the unique and demanding requirements of the marine and offshore industry.


ISOVER has developed insulation packages that integrate ISOVER products into a variety of finished products including solar panels, domestic appliances, cars & trucks ...

European Industrial Insulation Foundation